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This the authentication page for this template API portal. It should provide as much detail as possible about how to authenticate with an API. Try to keep things as concise as possible, and explain it like you are explaining to someone who knows nothing about your API. Make sure and try to use common approaches to API authentication.

  • Open API (Publicly Available) - We do not use authentication, with all API paths left open to the public.
  • Basic Authentication - We employ Basic Authentication for making calls to the API, requiring user and password sent as headers.
  • API Keys - We employ a public keys and secret key for making calls to the API, sent as headers.
  • OAuth - We use OAuth to secure the API, and manage access to information.
  • JSON Web Tokens - We use JSON Web Tokens to secure the API, and manage access to information.
  • Custom Authentication - We use a custom or proprietary approach to authentication for all API calls.

Consider also providing an authentication tester, and if oAuth is used, it can be helpful to allow developers to manually generate access tokens, to simply making test API calls. Remember authentication is one of the biggest areas struggle with when onboarding, so keep it as simple as possible.